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YWCA of Kitsap County 2014 Annual Report

Message from Leadership

Thank you for your support. Without supporters, donors, volunteers and our community we simply could not do the work we do.

We feel compelled at this time to take a moment in time to reflect on the past dedicated service of the late Linda Joyce.

LindaJoyceInspirational. Advocate. Champion. These three words only begin to describe Linda Joyce, the former Executive Director of the YWCA of Kitsap County. She began her work at the YWCA in 1994, when her personal past history of domestic violence helped lead her to become a champion for victims in Kitsap County.

Linda spearheaded many changes during her 20 years with the organization, including the conversion of rented space for the YWCA to the permanent home it now occupies on Pacific Avenue in Bremerton. She oversaw the renovation of the ALIVE shelter and increased the YWCA’s impact from serving 2,500 domestic violence victims annually to over 6,000.

Linda showed strength and determination throughout her career, but never more so than after a cancer diagnosis in 2009. She was determined to work through the challenge of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, continuing to focus on the YWCA mission. Her laughter and stewardship were hallmarks of her career; her impact on Kitsap County will not be forgotten. She retired in April 2014 with the knowledge that she had transformed the YWCA of Kitsap County into a true model of advocacy for domestic violence victims.

Sadly, Linda Joyce lost her fight with cancer in March 2015. Here at the YWCA we honor her vision by continuing to build on the solid foundation she created. We’re passionate about continuing her work against domestic violence and expanding on the organization’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We hope she will look down and smile upon the work we are doing today and in the future.

The YWCA has a big vision and goals in the near future of serving our county better than ever before. Building community awareness and providing coordinated services are imperative to the success of our organization. Won’t you join us in providing a better safety net for victims of domestic violence? We strive to improve our impact on empowering women and eliminating
racism in Kitsap County.






Denise Frey, 2015 Executive Director
Jessica Guidry, Board President


President, Jessica Guidry, Kitsap County Health District
Vice President, Robert Forbes, Retired Bremerton Chief of Police
Treasurer, Janet Hobson, Kitsap Bank
Secretary, Gina Regynski, DON-NUWC Keyport
Immediate Past President, Sharon Fields, Group Health Cooperative

Shawntell Bradford, Martha and Mary’s
Harriette Bryant, Community Volunteer
Jeannee Renee Brown, Jeannee Renee Salons
Wilma Calatantas, Kitsap Community Resources
Ray Garrido, CGR Consulting
Mitzy Marrero, Community Volunteer
Wendy Miles, NUWC Keyport
ReShondra McInnis, Lockheed Martin
Emely Poe, Kitsap Bank


In 2014 the YWCA of Kitsap County provided emergency housing for 59 victims of domestic violence and their children, helped 209 women attend support groups, offered legal services and advocacy to 850 women, and 4,711 women made calls to our hotline for assistance.

How the YWCA helped Ann*:

Her relationship started out well enough, but it wasn’t long before the “honeymoon” was over. The man that had been so sweet and charming began changing. At first it was issues of control, dictating what she could do. Then her abuser began to isolate her from friends and family. Often they were forced to move because he was unstable and would lose jobs. The abuse went on for years before becoming physical. At that point Ann felt she had enough – she did not want her three children to witness any more abuse. She contacted the YWCA of Kitsap County.

When she came to the ALIVE Shelter, she had her children – 11, 12, and 13 years old – and no income. Not long after they moved into the shelter, the children were enrolled in school. They made friends and became involved in after-school activities. With the help of the YWCA, Ann was able to receive state assistance. She found understanding with others while attending our support groups.

Ann’s confidence began to grow. She began taking vocational classes at a local agency and qualified for the Affordable Housing plan, moving into permanent housing. She continues to attend her YWCA support group and volunteers in the community.

Ann credits the YWCA with getting her life back in order. We were simply there for her, providing the services she needed. She made the choice and had the courage to step forward and ask for help. In this case, not one life but four were forever improved.

We applaud YOU Ann, for the courage you have shown and the changes you have made to create a better life for you and your children. Thank you for reaching out to us and using many of our services listed below.
* Name has been changed.

YWCA Alternatives to Living in a Violent Environment (ALIVE) Shelter – Provides emergency housing for 60-90 days on average and a comprehensive range of support services for domestic violence victims and their children.

YWCA Transitional Housing – Our locations provide temporary housing while victims receive case management, advocacy based counseling, parenting education, food, clothing and transportation.

YWCA Legal Advocacy – Provides assistance navigating the criminal or civil legal system. This includes safety planning, court accompaniment, filing for crime victims’ compensation, advocacy-based counseling, and other referral services.

YWCA Family Services – Serves victims transitioning from the ALIVE shelter, and conducts ongoing outreach and case management services.

YWCA ALIVE/Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS First) Project – The YWCA partners with the Department of Social and Health Services as a responder to families experiencing difficulties due to domestic violence as they transition from welfare to work.

YWCA Closet – Professional clothing and everyday attire closet, provides clothing and accessories for victims of domestic violence and their children.


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Who Made it Possible?

Individual Donors, Volunteers, Corporate and Foundation Partners

In 2014, 67 volunteers contributed 6,872 hours and individual donors gave $32,875.48. We’d also like to thank the tribes, small businesses, foundations, service clubs, churches and em- ployee pools that contributed funds and services to help us continue our mission.



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