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All YWCA Support Groups are facilitated by trained Domestic Violence Advocates, Volunteers, and Interns who utilize curriculum to guide activities and conversations so participants can discuss their experiences, access tools to prevent the cycle of violence from continuing, and learn new skills to center safety and stability in their lives.

Attending support groups has long-term positive outcomes for survivors of domestic violence. In these settings, those who have experienced abuse find support, encouragement, and empowerment to build on their resiliency from fellow survivors which can prevent them from returning to violent environments. Those actively experiencing abuse receive support, empathy, encouragement and empowerment to build on their courage to continue asking for help and taking the steps to move closer to safety. Young people practice talking openly about their feelings and learn with and from their peers how to process their emotions in a healthy way and how to form healthy relationships with others. Support groups prevent violence by offering hope to survivors, creating connections between peers, and fostering an educational environment that empowers everyone who participates to come as they are and to be met where they are at.

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