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The Support Group Services Program offers confidential support groups that provide a safe environment to help break down the barriers of isolation and explore the topic of domestic violence. Curriculum-based facilitation provides each participant the opportunity to learn, heal, and manage the impact of their experiences. Each person has the opportunity to talk about needs, resources, and participates at a level they feel comfortable. Support groups offered include:

Survivors of Domestic Violence

Spanish Speaking Survivors/Sobrevivientes de Habla Hispana

LGBTQIA+ Identified Survivors

Youth ages 13 – 17

Children ages 9 – 12

Survivors in Kitsap County Jail

What are curriculum-based support groups?
YWCA support groups offer a safe, confidential space for survivors to participate in curriculum-based facilitation of feelings identification, emotion processing, healthy communication, and grounding techniques so as to build resiliency. Additionally, curriculum includes the building of other skills such as financial independence for single parents or forming healthy relationships for teens. Curriculum is specific for each group and is intentionally selected so as to fit the needs of participants. 

Who can attend support groups?
Perhaps you stayed in YWCA’s emergency shelter or participated in other YWCA programs and want to continue your journey of healing. Maybe you experienced abuse years ago or are actively experiencing abuse and are looking for support, empathy, and empowerment from others who have similar experiences. It could be that you have accessed domestic violence programs in another area or from another organization and want to access what is offered in Kitsap County by YWCA. You might find yourself in a situation where the court system requires you to access support and education. Whatever the reason – YWCA Kitsap County’s Support Group Services Program is available to you as a domestic violence survivor and will center your safety and your needs. 

Intake Appointment Required
An intake appointment is required before attending support groups. All locations and times are kept confidential for safety reasons and will be disclosed following the appointment. Support group services and childcare are provided at no cost. To schedule an intake appointment, click and submit the inquiry form below or call (360) 479-0522 x113 or
to be transferred to the Community Resources Advocate. 


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