Women of Achievement

YWCA Kitsap County will host the Women of Achievement Lunch-In again in 2022. We are eager to return to our tradition of honoring extraordinary women in the following categories: Public Service, YWCA Mission Award for Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women, and the Linda K. Joyce Award.

Since the first event in 1989, the YWCA has honored over 400 extraordinary women, each of whom has made tremendous contributions to our community and beyond.

2020 Women of Achievement Honorees

Cristina Roark

Public Service Award

Cheryl Nuñez

YWCA Mission Award for Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women

Harriette Bryant

Linda K. Joyce Award

View our list of past honorees!

To support an extraordinary woman seeking refuge in the emergency shelter after fleeing domestic violence.

To support a courageous mother accessing legal advocacy services to file for a protection order in the court system.

To support a resilient child and mother in support group as they learn new tools to break the cycle of violence.

Time Circle of a Woman
by Amy Burnett

The Annual Women of Achievement Event has honored over 400 women in Kitsap County since its first event in 1989 – which recognized the very first woman to be honored – Amy Burnett. Amy is a local artist who created the piece, “Time Circle of a Woman” and sold limited edition prints in 1988 that raised over $20,000 for YWCA Kitsap County – establishing the branding for Women of Achievement for the past 30 years.

“Time Circle of a Woman” will always represent the origins of this event and remind us where this started – which is fitting given the name of the painting. Thank you Amy for all that you have done and that you continue to do for the YWCA. 


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